ASFA® Certifications: Specialize and Legitimize

Here are five quick tips you can use to specialize and legitimize your fitness knowledge:

1.)  Get certified in a field that your don't know much about.  It may seem basic, but how many fitness trainers have you seen that are very knowledgeable in say - powerlifting... but, have no idea how to perform PNF stretching!

2.)  Become a Master level Personal Trainer.  Nothing says legitimate like attaining your industry's top certification!

3.)  Specify your knowledge for a niche market.  If you want to train professional athletes, learning sport-specific training, golf fitness training and/or speed & agility instruction could be in your future!

4.)  Reward yourself by specializing in a field that you enjoy.  Maybe you took 5 years of Karate classes as a youth.  Why not become a Martial Arts Fitness Instructor!

5.)  Take your learning seriously, but have fun with your clients!  Studying is what you do when you aren't training.  When you are training, make sure that your clients are having a great time and looking forward to coming back!

To check out more about ASFA® specialty and niche market certifications, just click the link below.
ASFA® Certifications

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