ASFA Reviews: 2020 Trending Certifications

ASFA is one of the leading online fitness certification programs in the fitness and health industry. Keeping up with fitness trends can be a full-time job in itself sometimes. ASFA provides online training certificates for all of the trending fitness certifications out there, including Core Fitness training, Dance Fitness and Hip-Hop aerobics, and Functional Fitness training.

Core fitness training certification is a trending certification that shows you how to tighten abs and to strengthen your core for both fitness and health benefits. Core Fitness training is not about cranking out as many sit–ups as you can in a timed interval, as many of us did back in grade school. Core fitness combines muscles and strength to make your core more functional and can improve the transfer of power that comes from your abdominal region. Core Fitness training can improve Functional Fitness, aid in the prevention of injury, improves stability and stabilization of the torso, and can also help to improve posture and alleviate chronic lower back pain. The plank exercise and every variation of it is one of the most popular exercises for building and strengthening the core. Plank exercises also burn more calories than other traditional ab exercises, such as the crunch or sit-ups.  

Dance Fitness and Hip-Hop aerobics certification is another trending certification that ASFA offers online. Dance Fitness and Hip-Hop aerobics have exploded with popularity in health clubs all across the country for its high-energy, fun atmosphere, and calorie burning cardio workout. Dance Fitness can be modified to every individual making it a popular choice for all ages and fitness levels to participate in. Dance Fitness and Hip-Hop aerobics can be low-impact by keeping your dance moves simple with an easy flow of movements that beginners can keep up with. Dance fitness can also be made into a high-impact workout with jumps, kicks, and added plyometric exercises to really get your heart rate up. Instructors with this certification get the highest levels of creativity making their classes fun for all ages.

Functional Fitness training certification is a trending certification for anyone wanting to provide health and wellness coach training. Those with health and wellness careers are sought out by a variety of individuals for improved daily wellness and by athletes wanting to improve sports performance. Functional Fitness improves specific functions that are relevant to your individual goals. These goals can be sports related, such as running faster and farther with fewer sports related injuries. These goals can also be for improved daily living, such as helping older adults with climbing stairs or bending and lifting.  

With so many trending certifications out there, getting a sports or wellness certification through ASFA ensures that you are getting certified from one of the top online certification programs in the health and fitness industry.  Be a champion and sign up for an online certification course through ASFA today!

Dance Fitness and Hip-Hop Aerobics Certification


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