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Think about your clients' most commonly stated goals...  Is it something like:  "I want to lose some weight, tone-up and feel better." That seems to be the most common response.  Most fitness trainers would say that over 3/4 of all of their clients would say that. Maybe even 90% would...  So, that question is how to get there.  As a fitness professional, you know that what works for one client might not work for the next.  This principle applies to motivational strategies, scheduling and of course - fitness methods.  Some clients just love to hit the weights.  Other clients just love stretching or cardio.  But, remember the goal as stated above.  What fitness method do you know that is all about core strength, tone, general fitness and body control? Pilates
So, if you have those clients who are asking for core strength, toning, fat reduction and better quality of life (and we all do), then you should look at specializing your fitness education with a certification in Pilates.  ASFA® makes learning Pilates principles easy by allowing you to study at your own pace and providing a pressure free, risk-free atmosphere.  You can test when and where you want and you are not required to purchase!  You don't pay unless you pass!

So, what are you waiting for? Think about what your clients are asking for, and you will know exactly what qualification will fit their needs best!
ASFA® Pilates Certification

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