ASFA® Personal Trainer: Refresh Your Knowledge

As a personal trainer, you want to expand your knowledge and skill-set to best serve your clients.  The problem, is that if you are a busy trainer with many clients, you might have a hard time fitting studying into your schedule.  At ASFA® we understand that personal trainers and fitness professionals don't always have time to take a break from their busy schedule, drive to a seminar and then over to a testing center to keep your certification up-to-date. 

That is why ASFA® provides a Personal Training certification.  It is for fitness professionals that already know their stuff!  If you have a fitness related college degree, a medical degree or any kind of primary qualification and you are looking to refresh you knowledge, our Personal Training certification is right for you! 

You have to walk before you can run.  So, brushing up with the basics is never a bad idea.  And, since you don't have to pay to test - your experience is fully risk-free!  You can test at your own convenience and from your own home.  There is no risk and no pressure involved. 

So, what are you waiting for?  Get up-to-date and brush up your fitness knowledge today!

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