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Benefit financially from joining our exclusive and engaging newsletter and mailing list  

Everyone loves a bargain, who wouldn't want to save some money if possible? Maybe you are considering continuing your education in the fitness industry? Or maybe you are already ASFA® certified but want to add more qualifications to your repertoire? Whatever the reason, if you are considering taking an ASFA® certification, you can benefit by signing up to our mailing list and newsletter.

If you sign up, then you will have access to a range of discount codes relating to the services and certifications we offer. You will be able to start or expand your career in the fitness industry with a little extra cash in your pocket - perfect! You should not only consider the financial benefit, but the community you will join as well. ASFA® is a family, and joining our mailing list will give you access to it.

As the premier provider of online certifications for fitness professionals, we pride ourselves on our quality and credibility. We have a fantastic reputation in the industry, and our certifications have great reviews from those who are benefiting from them daily. Our newsletter follows the same trend - it is not random, or fluffy; instead, it is targeted, direct, and highly useful. Once signed up, you will receive semi-regular emails (we know people hate receiving frequent emails) that contain a plethora of information relating to our service and the fitness industry. Learn about new certifications, changes to the industry and regulations, and the latest fitness developments and news. This really is your ticket into the world of fitness and a fun and engaging way to keep informed and up-to-date.

Join the ASFA® community today, sign up to our mailing list and newsletter-- you'll open yourself up to a whole new area of opportunities and benefits!

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