ASFA® Certified Professional – Reviewing Your Certifications

So, you are ASFA® certified and have become a fitness professional, what do you do next?  

Once you are ASFA® certified, the only way is forward and your career should take off! As a fitness professional, hopefully, you have developed your fitness business and have an established base of new clients. You have found your place in the industry and are earning a steady living. You are ASFA® certified and have a credible qualification under your belt to help build your reputation. You now need to consider what to do next. How can you progress further? How can you carve a niche for your business and gain a greater competitive edge? How can you build your skill set and range of classes you can teach? This might seem like a tall order, and you might not know where to start. A simple way to do this, however, is to review your certifications and consider what additional qualifications are most pertinent to your business.

You should first consider what certifications you already have. Are they up to date? Are they extensive? Do they cover a wide range of fitness activities? After you have considered this, you can look at taking some new qualifications with ASFA®. As you are already ASFA® certified, you understand how they work, and what to expect from our certifications. You know that you can study online, and from the comfort of your own home. You also know that these certifications are worthwhile and provide real benefits to your business. So, which certifications should you choose? You should choose something that you really enjoy; for example, if you like to dance, why not consider ASFA®'s Dance & Hip-hop fitness certification? Or if you want to make a real difference to someone's life, why not consider ASFA®'s Senior Fitness instruction certification?

Whatever you choose, this is the perfect way to potentially take your career to the next level and at the same time review your current qualifications to ensure that you are where you need to be.

ASFA® Certifications

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