ASFA® Certifications: Trainers, clients--our relationships with their smartphones

Smartphones have become a part of modern everyday life--almost everyone has one. The question being addressed today is should a certified personal fitness trainer (CPT) or a client have a smartphone while working out? The arguments are simple. 

On the positive side, fitness trainers can use fitness apps on smartphones to keep track of their client's workouts and even enhance their client's performance with better timing, music for motivation, and the list goes on. Also, the client might be able to use a health monitoring app to keep track of their workout, steps, heart rate, and caloric burn rate.

On the negative side, phones are undoubtably distracting. They can take attention away from the client with texts, calls, internet surfing. Also, if the client has a phone, they can be similarly distracted. Not to mention, swinging kettlebell metal or free weights around a phone could be a recipe for breakage.

The answer is simple. It depends on you and your client. Have an open discussion to set clear expectations and boundaries that benefit you both. Maybe you both should have your phones, maybe only one of you, or maybe neither of you. Try it each way--which helps your client reach their best results and performance? Remember, it's about their results, not your convenience.

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