Aqua Fitness Routines: Become Water Aerobics Certified

Water Aerobics - Low Impact and Fun!

Water aerobics is a great way to tone up and get in shape.  If you are looking for a method of fitness that is fun and low impact, water aerobics is just what you are looking for.  As an instructor, you can make routines varying from basic to advanced and change workout intensity with the type of movement as well as the speed of movement.  Think about the routines you would make?  Would you stick to the traditional?  Would you implement your own variations to movements?  There is a significant amount of crossover between water aerobics and other types of aerobic exercise.  You can add variety with underwater running, punches, kicks, jumping jacks, etc.  

As you can see, your water aerobics routine is what you make of it.  What is important is that you are providing a safe and effective workout that your clients enjoy!  If you are interested in learning more about aquatic exercises and learning the structure of how to create your own water aerobics routines - click the link below and check out our Water Aerobics Instruction Certification!

Water Aerobics Certification
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