4 Cool Aqua Class Ideas: Water Aerobics Techniques


Water Aerobics has it all--a relaxing, inviting setting and a full body workout which can help your clients reach their fitness goals with less impact on their bodies. That's why so many personal fitness instructors pursue certifications in Water Aerobics.

When done correctly, your clients can improve their aerobic fitness, balance, flexibility, and muscular strength.

Here's a couple of techniques to make your classes more challenging. 

1. Water Aerobics Kickboxing. Using water as resistance, you can utilize your kickboxing aerobics skill-set by throwing punches and kicks.

2. Water Running. Water running has been used for years by athletes for low-impact recovery runs. 

3. Water Jumping Jacks. Many calisthenic movements can be used in water aerobics classes.

4. Treading. Though it isn't as exciting and fun as the other recommendations, treading water can provide a great warm-up or cool down for your water aerobics routine.

When you are thinking about Water Aerobics class techniques, be creative!  You can use many of the same movements that you learned in Dance Fitness or Kickbox Aerobics. Adding variety is the best way to keep your class fresh and fun. 

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