American Sports & Fitness Association® Reviews Niche Fitness Markets

At the American Sports & Fitness Association, we do our best to review fitness niche markets.  From Ballet Barre Fitness to Functional Fitness - we have what you are looking for!  Our goal is to be the best online resource for fitness professionals.  We provide specialty certifications and advanced certifications for trainers and professionals in the industry to step-up their fitness knowledge, skills and abilities.

So, what niche market are you looking to get into?  Are you looking for something that is more fun and active like a Bootcamp class or a Dance/Hip-hop Aerobics class?  Or, are you looking to train athletes in Speed & Agility or Golf Fitness Instruction?  Whatever the fitness niche, we do our best to provide you the right qualification.  So, what do your clients need most?  What fitness niche is right for your career?

Just click the link below to see a list of our specialty and advanced Certifications!

ASFA® Certifications

For a list of all of our certifications, just click: Fitness Certifications

To see our Personal Training Certification, just click: Personal Training Certification

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