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Look at what fitness activities are currently popular and widely practiced.

As a fitness professional, it is important to keep track of popular trends within the industry and use this to your advantage. Depending on the current climate, media coverage, and trends, different fitness activities phase in and out of popularity. While all forms of fitness have a viable use, some will have periods where they capture the public’s imagination and become supremely popular. You can take advantage of this by regularly reviewing your certifications, keeping up-to-date with the industry and maintaining a wide variety of skills for your repertoire. The greater variety of fitness classes you can teach, the greater the possibility you have of reacting to trends in the industry.

The American Sports and Fitness Association® is one of the top providers of fitness certifications and has a legitimate reputation in the industry. The certifications that we provide are credible and have real benefits to you as a fitness professional. Each certification is based online and is highly accessible. You can study at your own pace and from a location that suits you. Furthermore, the material that you study will have practical applications in your daily business. You are not simply studying to pass an examination. 

Certifications available include Martial Arts fitness instruction, Self-defense certification, Pilates instruction, Water aerobics, Speed and Agility training and Running fitness certification. This list only shows a few of our available qualifications!

This really is a great way to review your resume and stay ahead of current trends in the industry. With your range of ASFA® certifications, you can offer a varied and diverse service that will give you the competitive edge and help you react to changes in fitness popularity.

ASFA® Certifications

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