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Look at how you can develop your fitness instruction skills and expand your career  

As a seasoned personal fitness instructor, you should look at reviewing your certifications and your instruction style. Are there any ways you could improve your instruction? Could you develop your services further to increase your customer base? Could you refine your technique at all to help push your clients further? Maybe you could look at gaining additional certifications and branch out to new areas of fitness?

As time progresses, and your career develops, you will inevitably need change and refinement. There are very few who can simply continue to operate in the exact same way they have done for the past 10 years. While a certain style of instruction is perfectly fine, techniques, technologies and our understanding of the human body evolve. This means that as fitness professionals, we must review our business to keep ahead of the game.

A sure-fire way to ensure you legitimize your business is to keep your certifications well maintained and to consider taking new certifications. Additional qualifications will mean you have an extra set of skills and activities that you can teach to your clients. Furthermore, they will boost your reputation and look fantastic on your resume. ASFA® offer a range of fitness certifications such as Yoga instruction, Bootcamp training, Pilates instruction and even Senior Fitness training. These certifications provide real benefits to your career and tangible skills that you can use immediately. Before considering which certification, you would like to take, this is the perfect opportunity to review your instruction style. You can see which certification would fit your style the best, and which would complement your business perfectly.

Continued education is a great way to add an extra dimension to your career, and provides the chance to review your skill set and see how you could develop it further.

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