ASFA® Certifications: Convenient, Mobile Friendly – Take the Exams from Your Phone!

Gain a new range of certifications for your fitness career in a convenient and straightforward way

The American Sports and Fitness Association® is one of the premier certification distributors in the fitness industry. This organization has a long-standing reputation for providing quality certifications that are extremely beneficial to individuals who are seeking to further their personal fitness career. If you take an ASFA® certification, you can bet on your credibility increasing, and you can attract a greater variety of clients. Continuing your education shows your client’s that you are serious about their fitness, and anyone who sees your qualifications will understand that you are a true fitness professional. If you are serious about your personal fitness career, its time to take the next step!

ASFA’s convenient certifications are based online and can be completed at your own pace. You can now even take your ASFA® examination from your smartphone. The mobile-friendly technology used means that the examination will be in an easy to understand format that will display correctly on any mobile device. What could be more straightforward? This is perfect for those who do not own a laptop or PC, but who still want to further their career and gain an ASFA® certification (or, if you are just always on the run!). They can now do so, using their smartphone!

With our mobile-friendly site, ASFA® certifications are becoming even more attractive and convenient. You will not find a more accessible and practical range of fitness certifications on the market today. Why not try your hand at Indoor Cycling? Or Pilates Instruction? Or Balance and Stability Training? Or even Bootcamp Fitness Instruction? These are just a few of the many courses that ASFA® offer from their extensive range. To boost your fitness career and profit, join the growing number of ASFA® certified professionals and be your best!

ASFA® Certifications

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