Aerobics = Cardio & Fun

Physical trainer programs provide all the training you need to get certified as a Kickbox & step aerobics instructor.  Personal trainers make aerobic exercise a fun way to get a great cardio workout. There are many different types of aerobic classes and styles available. One of the more popular aerobic classes is the step aerobic classes.

Step workouts are performed inside using a platform as the step. The platform can be used alone or can have risers added to the bottom of it to make the step higher and more challenging. Step aerobic routines are similar to floor aerobics with a little more dance like choreography using the step to add challenge. It is a fun and engaging way to get in a great workout. You get to learn new moves and then remember the order you performed them in and then will start from the top. The step is what can elevate your heart rate quickly, giving you a great cardiovascular workout.

Although step cardio has been popular for many years, it is not the only form of aerobic class. Hip hop courses and dance fitness classes have been the new rage for their fun atmosphere, high energy, and expression of individuality. The newer generation of dance cardio classes does not require a background in an dance nor does it require a memorization of sequenced moves. You just dance and have fun! The looseness of structure ensures that all ages and levels of fitness have fun without feeling judged. It also eliminates the fear for new clients of not being able to keep up. Dance fitness incorporates many different types of dance moves mixed with the basic aerobic moves. Each class is unique depending on who is teaching it. If you don’t like one class, try it again with a different instructor. You are sure to have fun while burning calories too.

Aerobic classes are fun. Check out your local health club or try an online class so you can sample many different types of cardio classes to find out which ones you like the most. Each class provides a high energy vibe and a fun atmosphere that is not judging. The people who attend aerobics want to have fun while getting in a great workout. You are sure to make new friends and find new support with aerobics.

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