Advanced Water Aerobics Certification – Deep Water Aerobics

Advanced Water Aerobics Certification is the newest rage in physical fitness instructor certification programs. Fitness trainers and clients alike love deep water aerobics for its low-impact and full body workout. Deep water aerobics differs from traditional water aerobics. In traditional water aerobics, the water you stand in is not very deep. The water depth usually stops near the waist and allows the lower half of the body to work against the resistance of the water, which is perfect for performing lunges, squats, leg lifts, walking, or running.  In deep water aerobics, the water depth goes up to the neck and allows for both the upper and lower parts of the body to work against the resistance of the water for a challenging low- impact workout. 

Performing exercises in deep water aerobics classes can be more challenging as your body is almost completely weightless. Moving in any direction in deeper water can increase the intensity of exercise movements.  Some individuals feel more comfortable wearing a weighted belt for added stability when doing moves such as jogging or high knee kicks. Others may prefer a float type belt when performing exercises such as cross country skiing movements to aid in stability.  Other props such as flotation noodles can be utilized in deep water aerobics to enhance exercises such as “The Bicycle” for a challenging core strength workout.  A personalized training program can be created for deep water aerobics exercises to help tone up, build strength, increase stamina, and improve stability. 

Deep water aerobics can benefit a large range of individuals. Due to its low-impact nature, all ages and all fitness levels can participate safely in deep water aerobics. Even an injured or recovering athlete can perform a rehab exercise routine in the water safely without any impact to the joints. It is common for a rehabilitation trainer to utilize water aerobics when getting their clients back into fitness. Older adults can use deep water aerobics to build core strength and increase functional fitness to improve the quality of daily life.

Deep water aerobics works your entire body safely against the resistance of the water and improves cardiovascular health for all ages and fitness levels of participants. When you are ready to have fun with fitness and personal training, sign up to get your certification in Advanced Water Aerobics and help others take the plunge with a fun new way to work out. Click below to learn more today!

Advanced Water Aerobics Instructor Certification



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