Advanced Cycling Certification – the Competitive Edge

If you love fitness training and you love cycling, getting an advanced certification in cycling will help you learn how to push your students to dig deep and pedal harder to get the very most from their group fitness class. Advanced Cycling Certification gives you more in-depth details and knowledge about cycling and the biomechanics of the sport. This higher level of certification will help you broaden your range of clientele and make you higher in demand for cycling group classes. 

Advanced Cycling requires more knowledge of skill, technique, and nutrition to really make the most of your classes. Nutrition and fitness careers can benefit from the higher advanced certifications allowing trainers and instructors to stand out from the crowd of basic trainers and offer more. Advanced Cycling Certification gives instructors an edge that helps their clients be safe and reach their personal fitness goals. If one of your clients is having pain in front of shoulder muscles, they may not have the handlebars or seat adjusted properly. They might not have good form or posture and might be leaning too much over the bars. A trainer with an Advanced Cycling Certification will be skilled enough to observe and make necessary changes to the form of a client who is experiencing discomfort. A trainer with this higher level certification will also be able to make recommendations for accommodations and modifications to better assist a client who is struggling with cycling. Advanced cycling instructors have completed more coursework on biomechanics and injury prevention to help alleviate chronic aches and pains associated with bad form. Instructors with Advanced Cycling Certification also are a great wealth of knowledge for recovery after challenging workouts to help strengthen stamina and endurance.

Advanced Cycling Certification takes the personal fitness trainer program up a notch to help their clients be more competitive in cycling if they choose to be. They can help increase the fitness levels of any individuals and recommend additional functional fitness exercises to help support their cycling and keep their clients and students healthy and strong. Building stamina and endurance takes time and consistency. Having a good trainer with a strong certification in advanced cycling can help take your personal fitness to the next level and push your body to pedal harder and stronger.

Show your students and clients a better competitive edge and a more challenging workout with an Advanced Cycling Certification—click below to get started today!

Advanced Cycling Instructor Certification




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