Advanced CPT Course - Are You Ready?

Now you are a Personal Trainer - So, what's next?  Are you content with a basic level qualification. After all, it is what most personal trainers have.  Are you a lemming?  Or, are you different?  Are you a trainer who is always looking to advanced him/herself and make the best of the opportunities available to you - for yourself and your clients!

If you've found this article, then we know which you are!  You are ready for the next step and want to excel in your field.  If that is you, ASFA® has the right certification to grow your knowledge and at the same time, show your clients that your skill-set and knowledge base are on an upward trajectory!  That certification is Advanced Personal Training.  Becoming an Advanced certified personal trainer isn't easy.  It shows that you have done the work required to take the next step in your academic knowledge.  It shows that you have a firm grasp on kinesiology, exercise physiology, anatomy, nutrition and more!  So, the only question now is, what are you waiting for?!

Advanced Personal Training Certification

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