Adding Family Fitness to Your Busy Schedules

Having a busy family schedule doesn’t always mean you don’t have time for fitness. Sometimes you have to be creative with adding fitness to your already full schedule. Here are some tips to help add family fitness fun to your calendar:

1. Take your playdates outside! Instead of having kids gather at your house for video games, plan a playdate at a local park or hiking trail. Explore a new trail or new playground and simply enjoy being outside. You’ll feel better getting some fresh air and getting some extra steps into your day.

2. Sign up for something your entire family can do together, such as karate training. Karate training is great for kids that need an extra boost of confidence and adults love it for self-defense skills. Karate can be a great activity for building stability and functional fitness as well.

3. If your kids are involved in sports, walk around the perimeter of the field instead of just sitting on the bleachers. A brisk walk can average close to four miles per hour! Other parents may even be interested in joining you as well. You will be setting a positive example for your kids showing them that personal fitness is important. 

4. Introduce new activities to your children that double as workouts such as rock climbing. Benefits of rock climbing include increased agility, stability, and functional fitness. It also helps to increase lean muscle tone.

5. Park farther out in the parking lot for extra steps. Use a pedometer to track your extra steps. You’ll be less stressed not having to fight for a front row parking spot and you’ll be able to add all those extra steps into miles at the end of the week!

6. Make fitness part of your career and take on a physical trainer job part-time! You can help create a strength training for children program to help keep them fit and conditioned for their sports during the school year. Let your children be part of that journey. The entire family will reap the benefits of added fitness and if it’s your job, your family will benefit financially as well from your new career.  

Fitness can be added into a busy family schedule. It might take a little extra planning, but it’s something the entire family can benefit from. It can be as simple as getting some extra steps walking the family dog together or signing up for a fitness class or local charity walk together. Try something new and see how active your family can get!

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