Golf Fitness Instruction: When You Can't Hit the Green - Hit the Gym!

You know your personal fitness client’s story: He/she started playing golf as a hobby, to talk with co-workers outside of the office, enjoy a day with some old buddies, or to even close a business deal outside of the formal office environment. After playing a few rounds, he/she realize that he/she underestimated the physical needs that golf demands. He/she watched as peers who have play for years and frown at his/her own athletic capabilities. All your client wanted to do was enjoy a relaxing non-competitive afternoon on the green, right? Maybe now your client wants more. There are some exercises your client can be doing off the green to improve your golf game and overall fitness as the same time!

Training specific muscle groups and individual muscles will allow him/her to have better control of his/her swing. Having more control adds consistency and accuracy when driving the golf ball. Can he/she imagine having the relaxed controllability to place the ball within a few yards of an intended aiming spot? This all starts with golf fitness instruction. Proper golf fitness instruction provides the solid building blocks to improve your golf swing and off the green performance.

While actively participating in golf fitness instruction, your client should improve his/her game while getting more fit! This could put him/her into the game with the rest of your co-workers, friends, and/or business associates – but, more importantly, put your client in better overall physical fitness. Stop waiting, become a golf fitness instructor and bring your clients’ game up to par!

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