Self-Defense Fitness: Confidence, Stamina and Dynamic Movement

Maybe you are the strongest person in the gym, but how is your stamina? Maybe you are great at cardio, but how is your explosive strength? Either way, incorporating Self-Defense training into your workout can not only help build muscle, stamina, and power, but you’ll also have an exhilarating new workout routine.

Even if you work out on a normal, daily basis, implementing Self-Defense into your workout can be a big confidence builder. Exercises that strengthen core muscles are needed to protect vulnerable body parts. By incorporating core workouts and full-body movements, you can begin to build a solid base that can help protect you in the event you had to protect or defend yourself. With a strong core, you have a layer of protection. However, you will need explosive movements to defend and escape in an aggressive situation, if need be.

Training for dynamic movement is required. But, not only do you need to be explosive, you need to be able to support those muscle movements for longer periods of time. Building up stamina to escape and reach help quickly is essential. By only taking brief pauses during your reps, the bodies cardiovascular system will adapt to the added strain. This stamina could transfer to your ability to evade an attacker in a self-defense situation.

Training your body to perform correctly in the gym is a great start. Truly optimizing your self-defense tactics could be just what your workout needs. Cross-training in Martial Arts Fitness is a great way to add variety and diversification to your workout and skill-set.

Do your clients need a new challenge? Could your clients use the confidence boost of knowing that they are fit enough to physically handle an aggressive situation? If so, then Self-Defense Instruction is exactly the qualification that should be next on your fitness path! Click below to get started today! 24/7 convenience, pay only if you pass!

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