Cycling Through Summer

The American Sports & Fitness Association® cycling certification provides a great way to expand your education while at the same time offering a class that can help expand your client base. For many fitness professionals, client retention through the summer isn't easy. So, if you are looking to retain your current clients and expand client base, you have a real challenge! One of the best ways to keep and expand your client base during the slow season is by continuing your education in different fitness fields. By specializing in different areas, you can provide a variety of different workouts. In addition to helping keep current clients, this can open the doors to expanding your client base.

ASFA's® cycling certification is a great way to set yourself apart for your peers.  As the summer heat becomes even more oppressive, you can provide an alternative to outdoor cycling and recreation. You can learn the techniques and exercise methods involved in indoor cycling and at the same time expand into a group class setting. Whether you are teaching one-on-one or in a class, indoor cycling provides a great cardio and lower-body toning workout. Indoor cycling is a great way to give your current clients a hard workout, expand your client base and learn new exercises and techniques that are useful for getting through the summer slump.

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