Martial Arts Fitness Instructor Certification - Your Path

Many personal trainers and fitness professionals have some experience with martial arts. From mixed martial arts fighters to kickbox aerobics practitioners, the one common unifying theme is fitness. Becoming fit for martial arts is a very detailed niche or sport specific training. ASFA's certification in Martial Arts Fitness helps teach personal trainers and fitness professionals about dynamic speed and balance training, proper nutrition and many other aspects involving martial arts fitness.

Even if you are not experienced in martial arts yourself, learning the fitness training and nutritional aspects of making the modern warrior is a marketable skill that will help distinguish you and you can be proud of.  

ASFA® makes taking your Martial Arts Fitness Instructor test convenient.  By using ASFA's online system, you can take your test online when it is convenient to you.  Do you want to be part of making the modern martial artist?  Are you ready to step up to the challenge of ASFA's Martial Arts Fitness Instructor continuing education certification?

Martial Arts Fitness Certification

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