Yoga Instruction Certification - Flexibility and Focus

After many requests, ASFA® is proud to offer a certification in yoga!  Developed over 6,000 years ago, yoga is a fitness method and lifestyle that has been in style for millennia.  ASFA® has received many requests to offer a certification in yoga for continuing education to fitness professionals.  

After reviewing your requests, ASFA® now offers a complete yoga certification, including texts and manuals from Human Kinetics.  Many fitness professionals want to use yoga methods to assist in client flexibility and focus.  Still others wish to improve the mind/body connection and hold classes.  With ASFA's yoga certification, you can continue your fitness education and provide valuable resources for your clients.

Is ASFA's yoga certification right for you?  Do you think that your clients could benefit from added flexibility and focus?  Are you looking to hold group classes that emphasize postures and breathing techniques?  If any of the above fit your description, or you are curious to expand your niche in the fitness industry, you can take our independent study course and yoga examination by clicking the link below.  

Yoga Certification

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