Sport Specific Trainer Certification - Dynamic Training for Athletes

It is no secret that many personal trainers and fitness professionals were once (and often still are) athletes. And as an athlete, personal trainers know that training for sports is very different than training for other goals such as weight loss and tone, or quality of life improvement. Of course, the training varies as the requirements of sports differ. However, training an athlete for sport performance can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable client hours for a personal trainer.

As the cost of college keeps rising, more and more parents are looking to personal trainers to help assist their young athletes and improve their sport performance. Also, training professional athletes can be a very rewarding. 

Whether it is on a high school field or gym or a professional one, watching the improved performance of the athlete you trained is a great feeling.  ASFA® is proud to offer our Sport Specific Training certification to help you improve your continuing fitness education and help you market yourself to a wider variety of clientele. Specializing in sport specific movements is a great way to earn a certification in a field that is fun and dynamic. You will learn the importance of dynamic, ballistic and plyometric exercises, which muscle groups are engaged in quick rotations, nutrition to prepare for sport events, and much more.

ASFA makes taking your certification test convenient and time effective. You can take your test online anytime and study your course work when you have the time. With our independent study exams, you can learn at your own pace and qualify when you are ready.  Also, you will receive your test results prior to payment.  You are not under any obligation to purchase just because you studied and took the test.

Maybe it is time to boost your resume and start specializing with ASFA's Sport Specific Trainer certification!

Sport Specific Training Certification

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