Group Fitness & Bootcamp Instructor -- Getting Ready for Spring!

Spring is right around the corner and now is the time to emphasize and update your credentials with a Group Fitness & Bootcamp Instructor Certification from ASFA®! 

By the end of winter, many personal training clients get cabin fever.  These personal training clients are ready for spring and ready for warm weather. As a personal trainer or fitness professional, your challenge is to convince them that if they desperately want to be outside, they can enjoy the warm weather while exercising. Instead of experiencing a significant client drop-off, warm weather provides the savvy fitness professional the perfect opportunity to increase their client base by holding outdoor group fitness and bootcamp classes. All fitness professionals know the seasonality of the fitness industry. But, only a few stay up on the trends and seasonality by specializing and continuing their education in relevant fields. There is nothing wrong with specifying in a particular field of interest. However, keeping up with the industry's seasonality is a great way to expand your current portfolio and retain/gain clients at the same time.

ASFA® makes becoming a Group Fitness & Bootcamp Instructor convenient and economical. Providing an independent study exam, ASFA® lets you choose studying at your own speed with recommended texts from Human Kinetics. Upon successful completion, you may enroll in the ASFA® newsletter for fitness industry articles and specials. Also, you can apply for insurance through our partner HPSO (the largest health care insurance company in the United States).  ASFA® makes it easy to pursue the continuance of your education with specified certifications that help build your resume and provide fields of specialization to overcome seasonality and other fitness industry obstacles. 

There is no better time to get into spring and become a Group Fitness & Bootcamp Instructor--start today!

Group Fitness Certification

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