Master Trainer Certification - Be At the Top of Your Game!

ASFA® offers the Master Trainer certification to put you at the top of your game!

Do you have the ambition to elevate your personal training career to the next level? Have you ever been fueled by the desire to be head and shoulders above the rest?  

ASFA’s Master Trainer certification program can help you pave a potential pathway that can bring opportunity while distinguishing you apart from other personal trainers. The Master Trainer certification provides you with the in-depth knowledge you need to advance your career in this significant field of work as a fitness instructor while appealing to a broad range of clients and understanding their fitness goals and needs.
Whether your clients are pursuing strength conditioning or exercise therapy, the ASFA® Master certification allows you to target not just one, but all possible options available. You can focus on key populations such as the senior community which is one of the fastest growing markets in the fitness world today or a Sports Specific client base for those seeking to better themselves in certain areas to improve their skill set for their sport of choice.  

As demand continues to increase to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the field of fitness has become more competitive so it’s essential that a personal trainer sets themselves apart from the competition by offering to clients an impressive set of skills and credentials that boast qualifications above and beyond the basic level of personal training.

The ASFA® Master Trainer certification can help you jump start your career as a master trainer and is designed to assist you improve upon your knowledge in core fitness areas such as strength and/or muscle conditioning, nutrition, endurance, and many more.

The ASFA® website offers you convenient online access to the Master certification course. You can study at a time that’s good for you and set your own pace to better accommodate your busy schedule. After completion of studying, you may proceed to take an online exam.  If you have questions about the online course material, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

The ASFA® Master Trainer certification is structured to help bring forth better opportunities including the possibilities of business expansion and chance to meet potential new clients that are excited about the prospect of being under the instruction of a certified master trainer.  

This certification can also help to elevate your marketability to the next stage, capped off with a solid skill set in master training and more in-depth knowledge of technique and execution. Not to mention, what better way would there be to compliment a personal trainer’s resume by showing that you have both enhanced and improved upon your abilities by attaining a greater understanding of fitness research possessed by few and that is what will set you apart in the eyes of potential clients.

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