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Sport Specific Training Certification


Many personal trainers and fitness professionals have realized the up and coming market of sport specific training.  As the costs of college tuition skyrocket, many parents have turned to personal trainers to optimize their child’s performance in sport and athletic endeavors.  The math is simple.  Pay a small amount to optimize your aspiring young athlete’s performance while he/she is still in high school and potentially can earn a substantial scholarship that saves tens of thousands of dollars.  Consequently, the sport specific training market is taking off.

Many personal trainers and fitness professionals were once aspiring and accomplished athletes themselves.  Consequently, sport specific training is a natural extension of those trainers’ interests and abilities.  All trainers like the challenge of training a client for a goal.  Imagine training a client for a sporting performance - or, training an NFL or NBA athlete for the upcoming season, or training a high school athlete in scholarship contention.  Why not further your qualifications with an ASFA Sport Specific trainer certification.

Are you up for the challenge of training an aspiring or accomplished athlete?  Are you ready for the exciting and dynamic training style of the sport specific trainer?  If so, you can complete your independent study and certification exam online from the convenience of your own home.  And, you only pay if you pass! 

ASFA is the best way to continue your education and expand into the exciting field of Sport Specific Training!


Sport Specific Trainer Certification


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