Kickbox Aerobics - Stepping Up to the Challenge

Kickboxing aerobics has long been considered a popular group workout programs that continue to withstand the test of time.  It’s not just some trendy fad that comes out hitting hard then suddenly fades away into obscurity.  Kickboxing aerobics provides an opportunity for a personal trainer to teach multiple clients at once in a comfortable group workout setting. 

ASFA® presents to you, the Step & Kickbox aerobics certification, the opportunity to hone your skills and to learn how to effectively teach a kickboxing aerobics class.  The ASFA® kickboxing certification course offers you the chance to study online, at your convenience, the essentials required for mastering the long standing art of kickboxing aerobics.  The benefits offered by these classes are endless as they meet a broad spectrum of needs and goals sought by athletes and potential clients alike.  If an individual wants to tone their body, sculpt muscle, or trim some excessive fat – kickboxing exercises can help that client accomplish those goals.  This remarkable style of workout can be used to help boost self confidence, esteem, and energy levels while also considered by many to be a great de-stressor.      

Kickboxing aerobics also qualifies as a form of functional fitness - working multiple muscle groups simultaneously all at once.  Target areas include arms, legs, abs, etc. – all of which can be worked in a single kickboxing session.  Intense cardio and resistance based workouts are often associated with kickboxing aerobics.  Kickboxing aerobics classes present to your potential clients a great workout opportunity but also cover some basic self-defense techniques and fundamentals.  Many kickboxing aerobics classes incorporate a series of repetitive hand strikes, kicks, punches, and other self defense techniques into the workout program.  Clients can improve their coordination and reflex actions by providing the concentration needed to channel your energy into each individual strike. 

You can study online at any time of your choosing that best accommodates your busy schedule.  If you successfully pass your online exam, you will be issued your ASFA® kickboxing certification allowing you to make your mark in the world of kickboxing aerobics.

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