Sports Nutrition - Diet is Half of the Battle

The study of sports nutrition mainly centers on athletic performance and how diet and nutrition affect it.  Many people tend to focus specifically on a workout regiment without realizing that a good workout is only half the battle. The significance of dieting and eating the right foods is a vital part of the formula that cannot be ignored in order to maintain a healthy, fit lifestyle.

ASFA® offers a Sport Nutritionist Certification for personal trainers pursuing a career in this relevant field of study. This certification offers the in-depth knowledge and expertise needed to set up a diet as it relates to the needs of the client. This is also a great way for personal trainers who want to further their career and expand their marketability to specific niche groups whose goals could range from weight loss commitment to carbohydrate loading strategies for endurance training.

ASFA's® online course provides trainers with the tools and information needed to bring one closer to becoming a successful sports nutritionist. 

ASFA’s Sports Nutritionist Certification offers a greater insight on why "what you eat" and "how you eat" affects overall performance. For an athlete, a thorough understanding of sports nutrition is essential for reaching optimal levels of performance and also helps one’s lifestyle by knowing the benefits of the latest in nutrition facts and research regarding intake of vitamins, minerals, supplements, etc. 

For example, the carbohydrate loading diet is a great way to add extra fuel to the muscles in your body and can help boost athletic performance for high-intensity competitive programs or events. This type of diet would be ideal for swimmers, marathon runners, or any athlete who’s competing in an event that requires a great deal of endurance, like a triathlon, and wants to reduce the risk of fatigue during performance. This is just one of many different eating strategies utilized by competitive athletes. 

There are factors, other than diet, that also play a key role in sports nutrition.  Vitamin intake has been considered an important factor for athletes.  Despite the fact vitamins do not provide energy, they assist in turning the food an athlete consumes into energy.  Some research indicates that workouts performed at high-intensity levels can increase the body’s need for more vitamins.  Athletes also tend to make it their business to have the best supplements on hand to help them reach peak performance.  It’s essential for an athlete to choose the right supplements depending on how useful they are and what safety risks are involved that can help them achieve their goals. Under the instruction of a certified sports nutritionist, a potential client can gain invaluable knowledge regarding a diet that best suits their needs. 

The ASFA® Sports Nutritionist program is available through our website to study at any time that best fits your schedule.  After completion of the independent study course, you will be directed to take the online exam to test your knowledge in the core areas of sports nutrition.  This ASFA® certification program could help pave the way to a bright future in the sports nutrition industry by giving personal trainers a chance to increase their exposure to potential clients with rewarding results.

Sports Nutritionist Certification

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