Kettlebells - Your Functional Fitness Certification

Kettlebells are one of the most unique and increasingly popular tools used by both personal trainers and clients alike. Since its inception centuries ago, kettlebells are widely sought after to help improve strength conditioning or can be used to help shed a few extra unwanted pounds. 

The ASFA® Kettlebell Certification course can assist a personal trainer by providing in-depth knowledge and instruction on proper implementation of kettlebell technique.  Some of the very basic kettlebell techniques are often associated with a large number of repetitions that often involve swinging or snatching type motions.   Kettlebell exercises work multiple muscle groups, particularly regions in the lower back and legs. These type exercises can be classified as a form of functional fitness.  Functional fitness involves multiple muscle groups operating simultaneously as a unit more closely emulating real life situations. 

Athletes share the desire to increase their strength and endurance training and want to reap the benefits offered by the kettlebells.  Even the military has integrated kettlebell exercises into their fitness programs for those who want to maintain their current level of strength or improve upon it.  It’s also been deemed by many to be a tool designated to help improve the crucial areas of one’s fitness life such as flexibility, power, stamina, and cardio.  An ASFA® Kettlebell Certification is a great way to mix-up your client’s workout, break plateaus while simultaneously getting a full-body workout.

For personal trainers who want to incorporate functional fitness into workout routines, the ASFA® Kettlebell Certification is for you.  ASFA’s certifications can help a personal trainer open the door to rewarding opportunities leading to the recruiting of potential new clients while adding credibility to a personal trainer’s marketing appeal. 

If executed correctly, kettlebell drills are a fantastic way for an athlete to advance to a higher level of strength endurance training. Many have reported that within a short period of time, the gains they’ve received in strength have been extraordinary accompanied with a feeling described as empowering. 

The ASFA® Kettlebell Certification course helps personal trainers learn the steps necessary to acquire a certificate that will solidify their status as an expert in the area of kettlebell training and is readily available to take directly online. 

ASFA’s independent study course and exam can be done online anywhere at a time that works best for you.  So why delay?  Start studying today and step up your game while learning more about what kettlebells and functional fitness has to offer.

Kettlebell Certification

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