7 Stability Ball Exercises


A strong core is necessary to build and balance your entire body, so core exercises are more than just having a six-pack or flat stomach. This is where stability ball exercises excel.

The stability ball's primary advantage is that it facilitates the workout of your core muscles in multiple areas, which include the pelvis, back, and abdomen. As a result, the stability ball can be used in many highly efficient exercises that help you shape and strengthen your entire body, enhancing your health and beauty.


  1. Stability Ball Squat

Place the ball against a wall and position yourself so that the ball is near your lower back. Walk your feet forward and set them wider apart from your shoulder width. Place your hands on your hips and lower into a squat, keeping the weight on your heels. You may also hold dumbbells if you’re into more advanced workouts. Your knees should make a 90-degree bend, and your thighs should parallel the floor. Press through the heels and engage the glutes and hamstrings to return to standing. Repeat for 15-20 repetitions.


    1. Crunches Using a Stability Ball

    Sit on the stability ball and advance your feet until your thighs, neck, and shoulders are parallel to the ground. Put your hands behind your head and relax your neck. When your body is at a 45-degree angle, engage your core and raise your shoulder blades off the ball. So as not to place too much strain on your neck, keep your eyes fixed on the ceiling or the sky. After pausing, slowly bring your upper body back down. The slower, the better because speed isn't essential in this movement. You can start by repeating this ten times.


    1. A Ball with a Russian Twist

    With your knees bent, pelvis tucked, and feet firmly planted, place your upper back and shoulders on top of the stability ball. Put a towel in a rolled-up state between the legs. With your index fingers pointing up at the ceiling, interlace your hands. Rotate your body from left to right while keeping your arms straight and hips in a square position.


    1. Secure Ball Handoff

    With this challenging move, you can tone your abs. First, extend your arms and legs while lying faceup on the ground, while holding the ball. Next, grab the ball with both your hands over your head. Transfer the ball from your hands to your feet, precisely between your ankles, in one fluid motion by lifting your arms and legs. Only your hips and butt should be in contact with the ground at this point. Next, lower your arms and legs to the ground with the ball between your ankles. Keep your strength and form for 10–20 repetitions.


    1. Hip Thrust with a Stability Ball

    Keep your legs bent, feet flat on the floor, hands behind your head (elbows wide), upper back pressed onto a stability ball, and hips hovering over the mat. Squeeze glutes to elevate hips toward the ceiling until thighs parallel the mat, then lean back into the stability ball. Then start from the beginning again for multiple reps.


    1. Push Ups Using a Stability Ball

    Start with your feet close to the stability ball while in a push-up position. To align your body in a straight line, place the tops of your feet on the ball and make adjustments. As in a push-up, release your upper body down and press back up while keeping your elbows close to your chest. Slow down and concentrate on lowering your chest as low as you can.


    1. V-Pass Stability Ball

    Place the ball between your ankles while lying down on a mat. Hold the ball with the sides of your ankle. Bring your legs up toward your upper torso while keeping them straight. Likewise, raise your upper body in a curl. Next, reach out to the ball with your hands still outstretched. Lower your hands and knees without letting them touch the ground as you pass the ball from between your ankles to your hands. After exhaling, curl back up and transfer the ball from your hands to the space between your feet's sides.


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    7 Stability Ball Exercises


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