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The fitness industry goes through trends like yesterday's news. Still, there are some trends that might be here to stay. One of the latest trends in the industry is a push towards functional fitness. Unlike many passing fads, functional fitness has real life application and uses that will most likely keep this trend around. After awhile, it will probably not be a trend--it will just be another aspect of every well-balanced fitness regimen.

In keeping on the cutting edge of fitness, ASFA® offers many certifications to assist a personal trainer's continuing education. Specializing in certifications that emphasize functional fitness might be the match that you need to balance out your fitness resume.

Many personal trainers in the industry emphasize certain areas. We have all been to gyms were one trainer takes all the senior citizens and another takes all the athletes, etc. Specialization is great. Still, as a high performance trainer, you need to specialize in multiple fields that cast a broad net over the market. Specializing in a functional fitness certification such as Kettlebell Instructor could be the way to cast that net. Everyone can use functional fitness. By its very title, Functional Fitness promotes movements that will help assist you in everyday life. Unlike lifting perfectly balanced dumbbells or completing precise controlled movement, kettlebell routines emphasize the movement that will help assist your everyday function.

Functional fitness is the wave of the future for the fitness industry and such certifications as ASFA's Kettlebell Instructor certification is exactly what you are looking for the boost your resume showing that you can train clients to assist in the movements of their everyday life. Kettlebell training is a great way to provide the functional fitness training that your clients are demanding. When a new client looks over prospective trainers and is looking to improve their day-to-day functionality, will you be the trainer with a functional fitness Kettlebell certificate from ASFA® on your resume? Or, will you be the trainer that has no specialty and is just looking to pick up whoever doesn't compare resumes?

ASFA® makes taking your Kettlebell certification convenient by offering an online independent study exam. Specialize in the type of fitness that everyone needs. Be the best qualified trainer for your clients' needs!

Kettlebell Certification

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