Adding Sports Nutrition to Your Resume

There are so many ways to get in shape, and your clients are having trouble getting into the shape they want in time for summer.  Yet what many people fail to realize is that nutrition is an integral part of any training regimen. Help your clients get into the shape they want with a Sports Nutritionist certification from ASFA®.  With a certification, you can showcase your skills and tap into the niche market of clients interested in a holistic approach to personal fitness. Once certified, you will have the confidence needed to offer maximum-impact fitness training programs while paying special attention the nutritional needs of your clients. Beyond a solid knowledge base in nutrition, you will also help clients maintain weight loss and training success by looking at all aspects of personal fitness, making you a more marketable trainer. 

As your competition looks to grow their careers, you can make sure that you are one step ahead with your Sports Nutritionist Certification. Because you only pay if you pass your online exam, your certification is an economic way of boosting your marketability to a wide range of clients.  It will not only open the door to new clients, but will also help you retain current clients, thereby increasing your income potential. 

Your personal training clients will be glad that you took the extra steps necessary to continue your education and will know that they are receiving the best advice possible with someone who is an expert Sports Nutritionist. 

So what are you waiting for? Get your Sports Nutritionist Certification online today!

Sports Nutritionist Certification

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