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One of the most profitable markets in the world of fitness consists of clients interested in sport-specific workout routines. The American Sports and Fitness Association® offers a niche marketing opportunity for the experienced fitness trainer that allows them to showcase their sport-specific skills and knowledge quickly and easily with a variety of certifications.

ASFA® offers a Sport-Specific Certification that covers aspects of nutrition, workout format, physiology and more. ASFA® also offers specific certifications in sports such as golf and cycling.

In addition, ASFA® provides high-quality recommendations of educational materials designed to further the trainer’s continuing education goals in each certification area.

ASFA® continually updates and expands its certification offerings in relation to the latest trends and profitable niche markets in fitness, making it an ideal resource for the busy trainer whose time is best spent working with clients. With ASFA®, the research is already accomplished. Trainers can easily choose ASFA online certifications that match their experience and interests.  

A Sport Specific Trainer certification can be very valuable.  In today’s competitive sport and scholarship markets, many parents and individuals are looking for a trainer that has distinguished himself as a Sport Specific Trainer.  Many trainers entered the fitness industry because they were in sports when they were young men/women.  If you are one of those trainers or a trainer that have a vested interest in Sport Specific Training, then maybe the Sport Specific Trainer test is right for you!

Sport Specific Training Certification

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