Convenient Continuing Education

Experienced fitness professionals know well the demands that fall on them day-to-day as they strive to help their clients meet their fitness goals. Long hours at the gym can make staying cutting-edge in and industry that is constantly changing seem impossible. That’s why the American Sports and Fitness Association® (ASFA®) was created—to put the resources trainers need right at their fingertips whenever they need them with online, around-the-clock convenience.

ASFA’s personal trainer education certification provide fitness professionals with high-impact continuing education options that helps assure clients of their commitment to excellence in the field. And with ASFA’s certifications, trainers have the ability to tap into profitable niche markets that correspond with the latest and most in-demand fitness areas—including kettlebell training, water aerobics, health club management, golfing, martial arts and more.

Each of ASFA’s certifications includes recommended texts and resources for maximum mastery of a subject. With risk-free, online tests, ASFA® clients can expand the power of their portfolios and market their knowledge and skills to their greatest advantage.

Once fitness professionals earn the basic certifications with ASFA®, they can continue all the way to Master Personal Trainer status and can even expand from training certifications to management.

ASFA® offers clients automatic affiliation with a variety of leading fitness organizations designed to help boost their business. ASFA® is affiliated with, where clients can enjoy discounts on fitness website development. Human Kinetics works with ASFA® to help provide customers with the high-quality educational materials they need. Healthcare Providers Service Organization has partnered with ASFA® to offer clients professional liability insurance. And PhysicalTherapistSites has joined ASFA® to offer specialized websites for clients seeking to market their services more effectively. 

With these convenient online certification tests, the only question is - which ones are right for you? Checkout our certifications page to find out!

Master Personal Trainer Certification


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