Water Aerobics and Your Continuing Education

Successful personal trainers continually scan the latest fitness industry trends for opportunities to expand their client base and earning potential. A certification in water aerobics does just that, offering fitness professionals worldwide a unique niche market advantage that addresses the needs of a broad spectrum of client groups in proven, time-tested ways while also remaining cutting-edge.  

The American Sports and Fitness Association® (ASFA®) offers a growing library of niche market certifications, including water aerobics, that allows experienced fitness professionals to tailor their continuing education efforts to directly address their business goals and professional interests.  

Water aerobics is a highly versatile component of a successful fitness program that offers tremendous diversity to client fitness regimens, including one-on-one or group dynamics and low-impact exercises that appeal to a wide variety of individuals with specific physical needs. With a certification in water aerobics, trainers can showcase their proven abilities to lead children, adults and seniors in a group setting and help clients achieve their fitness objectives more effectively with water aerobics as part of their overall workout routine.

ASFA’s water aerobics exam addresses issues of safety, nutrition and workout format and exercises that are critical to a successful client program. ASFA® also maintains key affiliations with companies such as Human Kinetics to help insure that fitness professionals working with ASFA® have access to high-quality educational materials to supplement their preparation work for the certification exams.

Water aerobics is a high-demand fitness option throughout the year, providing indoor and outdoor workout possibilities. Fitness trainers can access this high-impact certification by visiting www.americansportandfitness.com at any time. 

Professional fitness trainers worldwide are earning the competitive edge they need to grow their careers with continuing education certifications addressing the latest fitness trends and niche markets through the American Sports and Fitness Association® (ASFA®). Visit ASFA at www.americansportandfitness.com.
Water Aerobics Certification

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