New Year's Resolutions

Expand your business with ASFA® in the New Year!

As this year’s calendar turns to a close and we look toward the start of a new year, now is the perfect time to take advantage of ASFA’s extensive collection of certifications! People everywhere are thinking about the New Year and what they want to accomplish. And, as studies consistently show, fitness goals are almost certainly at the top of their lists. That means a dramatic increase in potential clients for you—and more cash in your pocket! If you know how to market your skills.

The American Sports and Fitness Association is here to help! ASFA® offers certifications to help meet a huge variety of fitness goals. ASFA® keeps you up-to-date and certified in everything from more traditional fitness programs such as Golf Fitness Instruction and Water Aerobics to the latest fitness trends—like Kettlebell Training. Whether it’s with a Kickbox & Step Aerobic Instructor Certification or Cycling Instructor or even a Health Club Manager CertificationASFA® can help you take your career to a whole new level. Or increase your appeal to seniors, one of the fitness industry’s fastest growing demographics, with our Senior Fitness Instructor Certification.

Simply put, with a certification from ASFA® in your portfolio, your marketability immediately increases, paving the way for more clients and more profits. And to make it even better, our tests are completely risk-free! You only pay if you pass.

Set your business up for incredible growth and success. Earn an ASFA® certification today, dramatically improve your earning potential, and watch as—like the firework displays that usher in the New Year—your career explodes!

ASFA® Certifications

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