5 Ways to Be a Good Group Fitness Instructor

When you get certified as a group fitness instructor, you have completed all of your studies to help others get fit in a group setting. Going above and beyond can help you be a good group fitness instructor. Here are some tips to help you be your best:

  1. Be cheerful and encouraging. When individuals are choosing which class to take, they often choose a class based on the instructor. Some gym goers love their fitness instructors personality so much that they will take any class they teach, regardless of what it is! CPT exam centers focus on details and information, but personality plays a big role in your success as a fitness instructor too. Nobody wants to spend time working out with someone who acts unfriendly or unwelcoming. Greet each client and thank them at the end for coming and committing to healthy lifestyle choices.
  2. Take free personal training courses when you can. It will help strengthen skills in areas you could improve in. They can help give you new ideas and new moves that you can incorporate into your class to keep your routine fresh and up to date.
  3. Implement a corporate wellness program in your community. Engage with people in your community to promote fitness and health. They will feel open to healthier lifestyle changes and will come try one of your group fitness classes.
  4. Get certified in other fitness programs such as kickboxing fitness certification or yoga. It will give you more options in your career to choose from and will enable you to teach multiple types of group fitness classes. It will also give you the knowledge to combine many of your training routines together for a unique well rounded group fitness class.
  5. Have fun with your class! Clients can tell when you truly love what you do from other trainers who simply show up to get their classes over with. Showing that fitness can be fun can be inspiring to others who may be reaching out to make changes.

There are many things you can do to become a good group fitness instructor. Creating a positive and encouraging environment for change can be a pivotal point for a client who needs extra help reaching their health and fitness goals!

Group Fitness Certification

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