5 Ways to Be a Better Indoor Cycling Instructor

Being a fitness trainer training and an indoor cycling instructor can feel very rewarding as you guide your clients to a healthier lifestyle. Here are some things you can do to be a better indoor cycling instructor.

  1. Explain how to use the bike at the beginning of each class if there are new clients present. Even with the best CPT and Cycling certification, you cannot train properly on an indoor bike if your clients don’t know how to use it. Teaching your clients how the bike works can help prevent injury too. Simple things like feet placement within the pedals or where to grip the handle bars can make a big difference for someone who is new.
  2. Check each client’s form in the beginning of the class. Make sure the height of the seat and distance of the seat to handle bars is adjusted properly. If you have new clients, they may not realize that those parts are adjustable or know how to adjust them. Trying to train with an ill fitted bike can leave your clients injured or with sore knees or lower back pain. Some clients may be too shy to ask for assistance. Check each client’s form to keep them safe and injury free during class.
  3. Use music that has a good beat and is uplifting. Many clients will use the rhythm of the music to keep pace on their bike. Some trainers will use music with specific beats per minute to match a pace they want to train with. Clients will appreciate one less thing to think about during class. They can enjoy the music and pedal to the beat.
  4. Be active with your certified fitness training program. Go to workshops as often as you can. Do continued education with personal training online courses. It will help you stay aware of current trends in fitness so that you can incorporate it into your own class. If your class stays the same, clients will become bored over time and will find other classes that are newer and more fun.
  5. Be encouraging and cheerful without judgement. You may have some new clients that are new to fitness and are nervous about keeping up. They may need to pedal slower or take breaks during class. Be proud of each person that comes to your class. Each person’s journey starts in a different place. End each class with gratitude for the opportunity to work out and celebrate the journey of fitness.

Furthering your personal trainer and indoor cycling instructor education along with a positive attitude can help you be a better indoor cycling instructor. Each person in your class chose to do your class. Make it fun and offer assistance when needed. When you have fun teaching, others feel the energy and have fun too.

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