5 Tips From Your Personal Trainer

A licensed personal trainer can help you reach your personal fitness goals. The outcome of your training is a partnership between the trainer and you, the client. There is accountability on both sides that creates a successful outcome. Here are five tips your personal trainer wants you know:

1. Set realistic goals. Setting goals that are too big and unrealistic make it difficult for the client to stay motivated and can cause burn out and depression when goals are not met. Make smaller, more attainable goals that create a path to success toward your bigger goals. One of the jobs for fitness trainers is to help identify goals. Make a plan with your trainer and write those goals down!

2. Stick with it and be consistent. You will not see changes if you only plan to work out one day a week. If you struggle to find the motivation to complete your workout, find a workout buddy to hold you accountable or hire a personal trainer. The personal training rate is lower when you purchase a package deal or multiple sessions at a time. Group training sessions are also popular if you have friends working toward the same goals.

3. Watch what you eat. When trying to make changes in your lifestyle with fitness, a poor diet can derail your fitness goals. You cannot outrun or work off a bad diet. Many trainers have completed dietician training or Sports Nutritionist certification and can help you clean up your diet and enhance your fitness. A healthy diet combined with a challenging fitness regimen can help you reach your personal goals quickly.

4. Don’t forget resistance training. Toning and building lean muscle will help you perform stronger, get leaner, and will increase the number of calories you burn in a day. Cardio is great for burning calories, but when you stop your cardio exercise the calorie burn stops too. The calorie burn that happens during weight or resistance training continues for hours after you complete your workout. Resistance training can also help protect and strengthen your joints so that you decrease your risk of injury during your regular cardio sessions.

5. Have fun with your workouts! If you don’t enjoy the activity, chances are low that you will continue to participate in them. If you love being sociable, try a group fitness class at your local health club or fitness center. Try a new class a few times a week just for the challenge of doing something unique and different. If you like water, try a water aerobics session or invite a friend to go swimming. If you prefer solo sessions, there downloadable workouts you can do in the privacy of your home. There are many different options and types of workouts to participate in.

Fitness trainer tips are a great way to jump into a new fitness routine. There are many trainers, both at health clubs and online, ready to help you take that next step toward building the best version of you!

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