5 Reasons Fitness Instructors Love Their Jobs

1. Personal trainers share a special camaraderie that is unique to the fitness industry. They love fitness and have a deep passion to share it. Connecting with other personal trainers at seminars, workshops, and in online social groups is a way for them to build those professional relationships and share thoughts and ideas for business growth. These forums and friendships support each other when learning how to promote personal training and support the community.

2. Fitness instructors can work flexible hours and locations. This is a big perk for those that do not like to sit behind a desk for many hours each day. Many instructors have taken online fitness trainer jobs that provide them even greater flexibility with their schedule. Online training can be done remotely from anywhere and whenever is convenient for the trainer and client.

3. Fitness trainers have an in-depth knowledge of training and form that they share with clients. They stay up-to-date on techniques and fitness fads so they are a wealth of knowledge for all things fitness related. If there is a new piece of equipment at the gym you want to try, a fitness trainer will be able to show you how to use it and tips to help you get the most benefits from it.

4. They love helping others get healthy and supporting that personal journey. Many individuals will hire a fitness trainer to help them overcome health problems or to increase fitness for a specific purpose such as wanting to lose weight to rid chronic health conditions or to increase endurance for an upcoming sports event. The start of that journey to the end result can be emotional as you work hard through personal struggles to get there. Seeing and helping others overcome personal obstacles can be a truly rewarding feeling knowing that you helped that person get there.

5. Fitness instructors can work in multiple areas with their personal training certifications within the fitness industry. You might decide to work at a local school during the day to teach fitness and health to students, and teach a group fitness class to adults at a health club in the evening. A personal training certification does not box you into one area in regards to career growth. You can always find something to do since the field of fitness is very broad. You can have a variety of amazing career options with a certification in fitness training!

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