5 Outside of the Box Fitness Specialties

Having a career in the fitness industry doesn’t require you to limit yourself to one-on-one personal training. There are a variety of fitness specialties that you can work in with your fitness certifications and specialty certificates.

A triathlon certification will allow you to coach athletes to prepare them for their triathlon event.  A triathlon is a competitive sport consisting of cycling, swimming, and running. Triathlon coaches have to help their clients build endurance, strength, and use functional fitness to help build technique in those specific areas. Sprint triathlon workouts can help you build fitness and the coach will be able to determine what your personal strengths are so that an individualized triathlon workout schedule can be created for you and monitored by your coach or trainer.

Fitness manager careers are another fitness specialty option. These managers assist in managing health clubs or studios and oversee all of the fitness programs and personal trainers. For individuals who love fitness, specializing in gym management allows you to be involved in many different areas of fitness simultaneously.  

Pilates instructor is another outside of the box fitness specialty. Pilates history with fitness started in small private studios. The classes have grown in popularity and are now widely available at many health clubs in addition to private studios. Floor Pilates is convenient to do at home since you don’t need the large equipment that the studios have. Pilates are a great way to tone up and strengthen core in a low-impact way that is gentle on the joints.

Sports nutrition jobs are also in high demand within the specialty areas of fitness careers. Trainers and athletes understand that nutrition complements their training. Your training alone can only take you so far if you don’t have good sports nutrition. Individuals are now hiring trainers that have a background in sports nutrition so that their training covers all of the facets of their training goals.

Yoga and dance are other fitness specialties that are outside of the box in regards to fitness training.  People want to have fun when they are working out and dance fitness and yoga provide that element of excitement that people like and enjoy. Yoga and dance bring a more holistic approach to fitness that encompasses all levels of fitness and all age groups.

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