5 Kettlebell Moves You Can Do At Home

Whole body kettlebell workout exercises don’t have to be performed exclusively at a gym. Kettlebell moves are easily portable and can be done anywhere. Having the flexibility to work out from home ensures that you won’t have to overcome any mental obstacles to get your work out in. Below are five kettlebell moves that you can do at home:

1. Kettlebell swing. Kettlebell swings are a great way to work your lower back and hips. This move is performed standing up with the kettlebell in front of you. You pick up the kettlebell and swing it in front of you and then lower back to start. Your arms should be parallel to the ground at full swing.

2. Deadlifts. Kettlebell deadlifts work your hamstrings and glutes. This move is also performed standing up. You bend over to pick up the kettlebell off of the ground and come to a full standing position while squeezing the glutes and lower again.

3. Kettlebell rows. Rows with kettlebells help to strengthen the arms, shoulders, and back. Put your legs in a single leg lunge position stepping back with your left leg.  You can rest your right arm on your right knee.  Pick up the kettlebell and raise it to hip level before lowering down to the floor.

4. Kettlebell squeezes. Squeezes are a great kettlebell chest move. Hold the kettlebell against your chest and push out with your arms so they are horizontal to the floor. While holding the kettlebell in front of you, squeeze your arms before returning to your start position.

5. Russian Twist. The Russian twist is a great core and ab workout that you can perform exercises with one kettlebell. Sit on the floor while leaning back with the kettlebell in your hands. Twist and rotate while holding on to the kettlebell from left to right without letting the kettlebell hit the floor.

There are many great kettlebell workouts out there and all of them can be performed at home or anywhere else. Many kettlebell workout ideas can be found online or with a personal trainer. There are also kettlebell classes that you can attend to learn new moves and proper technique. Get a set a kettlebells and enjoy a challenging workout at home. 

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