5 Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do At Home

Bodyweight exercises are strength building and toning moves that utilize your own body weight for the resistance, as opposed to using free weights or machines. Bodyweight exercises are great for individuals with a busy schedule because you can do the exercises anywhere and do not need any equipment to perform them. Bodyweight exercises allow you to accomplish strength training goals from any location.  Even busy travelers can perform their exercises while away from a gym or health club. Here are five bodyweight exercises that you can do at home:

1. Plank Hold. Plank holds help to strengthen the core and help to increase functional fitness. You can modify the plank and make it more difficult by holding it for a longer period of time.  You can also modify the type of plank to make it more challenging.  Side planks can be a fun variation of the traditional plank and help to strengthen the obliques and abs muscles.  Performing planks regularly can help improve posture and alleviate chronic lower back pains as well. 

2. Push Ups.  Push Ups are a popular bodyweight exercise in American fitness.  Push-ups not only strengthen the core and abs, but also help to strengthen the shoulders and arms too.  Exercise specialists love push-ups for their versatility and benefits to both functional training and strengthening. 

3. Squats.  Squats are not just bodybuilding training exercises.  They can provide a lot of benefits when done regularly.  Squats help promote the growth of lean muscle in the glutes and legs.  Squats can also protect the knees from injury by building up the healthy tissue around the knee joints.  Squats can improve functional fitness by increasing stability and lowering your risk of injury.

4. Lunges.  Lunges, like squats, also promote functional fitness by strengthening the lower body and increasing the protective tissue around the joints.  Lunges can help improve balance and stability in additional to toning the legs and glutes. 

5. Burpees.  Burpees are excellent exercises for building strength and speed.  Burpees improve core strength and teach the muscles to react faster. Burpees are used by endurance athletes to build power and speed. Runners can perform harder and faster when they perform burpees regularly as part of their fitness plan. 

Creating a home workout plan can be easier than you think when you use bodyweight exercises.  It takes up minimal space and does not require any additional equipment.  If you want to create a bodyweight workout program tailored to your individual needs, seek out a personal fitness trainer in your area to help identify your goals and create a realistic plan to get there.  Many trainers will use an app for trainers to help show demonstrations of different exercises for at-home fitness clients. These apps allow you to easily access new bodyweight fitness ideas.

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