5 Benefits of Youth Fitness

1. Maintains a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI). Having your child engage in any type of fitness activity such as soccer, basketball, cross country, or even a game of tag with the neighborhood kids outside counts as metabolism boosting exercise! Getting enough exercise to maintain a healthy BMI can help decrease your child’s risk for Type 2 diabetics, which is currently an increasing problem with younger generations due to lack of fitness.

2. Improves Self-Esteem. Youth who routinely engage in fitness activities are more social, have more friends, have a more positive outlook on life, and have higher self-esteem levels than children who do not engage in any type of fitness. Fitness allows youngsters to explore a variety of talents they might have and celebrate the efforts of hard work and training with their peers. 

3. Creates a healthy foundation for their future. Children who participate actively in youth fitness have a greater chance of carrying over those healthy habits with them as they transition into their adult years. Adults who are active and fit have few preventable health problems, less chronic aches and pains, and have fewer sick days at work.  

4. Deals with stress in a healthy manner. Children who use fitness as a way to deal with stress can help prevent some of the unhealthy stress induced behaviors as they get older. Yoga is a great way for kids to practice calming and breathing techniques. Many schools and teachers will teach yoga breathing to combat stress and anxiety in the classroom. These are healthy coping techniques they can use when they become adults as well.  

5. Teaches good sportsmanship. Good sportsmanship is a skill that can never be practiced enough!  Just like in life, you cannot win all of the time. Knowing the importance of putting in the effort, having fun, and being able to emotionally deal with an undesirable outcome and to congratulate your opponent will provide improved mental health for life. These skills will serve them well off the playing field. It can be applied at school, in college, and even in the workforce.  

Youth fitness can be a fun family affair. Look into personal trainer workout plans that you can do together or sign up for a group fitness class. Personal trainer tips for involving youth in fitness can be found online at personal trainer resource websites. 

Keep your children engaged in fitness, with the overall theme of enjoyment, health, and wellness!




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