3 Yoga Positions for Beginners

Yoga can be intimidating for newcomers who have not yet achieved the level of balance and flexibility that the regular class takers have obtained. Having a great yoga instructor can make a huge difference in the experience that a new yoga-goer has. Certified yoga instructors learn when they study personal fitness training how to break moves down so even the most beginner-level clients can participate and grow. American Sports and Fitness Association’s (ASFA) Yoga Instruction Certification is a great way to learn about yoga poses, safety considerations, and yoga workout designs. The following are easy positions for beginners to enjoy when they practice yoga:

  1. Mountain Pose is a great beginner yoga position. It is the foundation for many other yoga positions. Standing tall, it improves posture, and allows you to focus on your breathing and meditation.
  2. Plank holds are another fantastic position for individuals that are new to yoga. This hold helps to create balance and strengthens the core muscles. Yoga instructors and personal fitness trainers use the plank hold position often with clients since it is so effective at strengthening the core and helps to build better posture.
  3. Seated Forward Bends are also another way for beginners to enjoy yoga. You sit down with your legs in front of you and bend over them as much as you comfortably can. This helps to strengthen the hamstring muscles in the back of the legs and also helps you learn breathing techniques for getting into a deeper yoga stretch. Practicing yoga breathing techniques really help you stay focused on the pose you are in and allows for moments of internal reflection.

Online yoga education programs like ASFA’s is a great way to learn beginner yoga positions if you do not have access to a health club or studio. Learning a few of the beginner yoga positions will help you be successful at the more advanced moves. The more you practice the more flexibility you will achieve. Try adding some beginner yoga poses into your daily routine to gain better balance, stability, core strength, and focus.

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