Speed and Agility Instruction - Take Sport Specific to the Next Level

For many athletes and fitness trainers, there is nothing more exciting than training in dynamic movement sports.  

ASFA® offers the Speed and Agility Instruction Certification for those professionals who want to take high-impact training to the next level. Training for speed and agility requires coordinated, often plyometric movements. Safe effective training techniques are required for any sport training. However, when training in such a high-impact environment as speed and agility, safety and perfect technique and essential to avoid injury.

ASFA's Speed and Agility Instructor Certification helps you to specialize in dynamic movement sports.  An expansive knowledge and perfect technique is a top priority for any speed and agility client.

Isn't it time to focus your knowledge and become a certified Speed and Agility instructor?

Speed and Agility Instruction Certification

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