Running Fitness Instruction

ASFA® is proud to announce that we now offer a Running Fitness Instruction Certification. Running is one of the most popular forms of exercise in the world; and many potential clients seek the guidance of a certified running fitness instructor.

Learning the proper gate, foot ware, nutrition, recovery, stretches, etc. for running helps optimize performance and prevent injury.  Many individuals have the goal of running a marathon, half-marathon, or other distances.  As a fitness professional, wouldn't you like to help these people on their fitness path?  Wouldn't you like to know how to best optimize your running cardio performance?  Maybe it is time to increase your knowledge base and expand your training into running instruction.

Running instruction appeals to a wide variety of clients.  From the couch-potato that wants to do some cardio to lose weight, to the serious hard-core marathon runners, a knowledge of the proper form of running is beneficial to almost everyone. Who in their lives hasn't tried to lose weight by running? Think of all the stories you have heard about individuals who have injured themselves by improperly designed running routines or improper form. You can help!  You can guide clients along the way and let them know exactly how/when/where to run.  

With the Olympics coming up, many clients will be re-living their glory days in sport and athletic competition.  Many viewers will be motivated to lose unwanted pounds and get into shape.  Many of these people will turn to running.  Will you be ready to assist them?  Will you be knowledgeable enough to develop their running program?  Maybe it is time to become a certified Running Fitness Instructor.

Running Fitness Instruction Certification

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