Fitness Professional New Year's Resolutions

Fitness professionals rely on New Year's resolutions for business; but, do they have their own? Of course, they do!  Below are a few examples of New Year's resolutions that you can do this year to make yourself the best you can be!

1:  Pursue continuing education. Try to better yourself in your field. If you are a personal trainer, become a master trainer. Take yourself to the next level.

2:  Pursue niche markets. Challenge yourself by specializing and focusing your academic knowledge. 

3:  Pursue qualifications in a field in which you are not already an expert. Expanding your fitness knowledge to new areas can be exciting and enriching.

4:  Develop a marketing and advertising plan, like the one in the ASFA Fitness Professional Kit, that best suits your market.  As a fitness professional, you want to do the best you can for your clients.  But, without a marketing plan, you will miss out on many of the clients that could have used your assistance.

5:  Make this year a more rewarding year in every way (have better client results, have more clients, grow your business). 


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