Fitness and Wellness

Relevant information on topics such as cardiovascular exercise, strength training, stretching, nutrition, weight management, stress management, substance abuse and addiction, and sexual health will start students on the path to developing a healthy mind and body, which can lead to a better quality of life. Additionally, because Fitness and Wellness: A Way of Life emphasizes behavior modification to develop desired habits, students are armed with the tools they need to make healthy lifestyle changes—for both the present and future:

• A web study guide offers 48 video clips and practical learning activities to provide real-life context to the material

• Behavior Check sidebars help students integrate health and wellness concepts into their daily lives

• Now and Later sidebars encourage students to consider how their actions today will affect them in the future

• The Functional Movement Training section shows exercises to strengthen specific muscles and explains their importance for common activities

• Infographics, evidence-based tables, and figures illustrate and reinforce key concepts so they are easy to understand

The companion web study guide offers students the unique opportunity to engage directly with the content and practice the exercises and strategies presented. Lab activities for each chapter will guide students in completing individual assessments, setting goals, and identifying the pros and cons of modifying their behavior. Video clips of 48 exercises demonstrate proper exercise technique, and additional learning activities and quizzes gauge student comprehension of the content.